About Us

Made in The USA
I have worked in the medical and health field for over 15 years. My husband and I both grew up in rural Oklahoma. He is some years older than me, and came from the southeastern part of the state. He is famous for proclaiming that he grew up “so far back in the sticks that the hoot-owls mated with the chickens.”

“Back in the day,” my husband’s family used home remedies (mainly because there wasn’t money to purchase store-bought products), and those recipes were passed down from generation to generation. With the help of a nephew, who is a chemist for a major pharmaceutical and life-science company, we were able to analyze one of those recipes to develop a modern-day insect repellent using essential oils and organic natural ingredients.

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We have been using this for years as a very large family living in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, and now Southern Florida. Our grown children, friends, and neighbors encouraged us to put it on the market, but until now life has been “just too busy!”

Shortly after moving to Florida, one day after enjoying the beach, I came home covered in itchy red bumps (I had met the dreaded No-See-Ums). For some reason, my husband was not bothered – but I needed to “DO SOMETHING.” I wanted to enjoy our beaches and fishing and touring the state parks, without being eaten alive. After mixing up a batch of The Good Stuff I found blessed relief (and it smells good, too).

The final inspiration was when we were watching the fireworks one July 4 here in Cape Coral. Others around us were swatting insects, and commented that they were getting bitten, but not us. They asked what we were using. This was the inspiration needed to move forward and put our product on the market.

I hope you try it and find that it works for you. Get out and enjoy this beautiful world!

Dana Tull Riley, Owner